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Advanced Worm

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The classic worm game with some extras.

Collect food to grow larger and grow fatter.
Eat skinnier worms, but watch out for bigger ones!

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Very good idea to create an analogue version of classic Nibbler. Very bad programming, lags and slows down game if bigger enemy worms come. If it had super gfx, I would understand a little CPU load but hey, this is minimalist design.

Not bad at all! I was expecting this game wouldn't be very good but I was wrong. It exceeded my expectations.

Instructions were a bit lacking so here is what I figured out (if it helps)
Red is food. Purple is superfood (spawns reds). Grey is instant death. Larger foods grow you more. And avoid any fatter worms no matter how small they are. Also run into any thinner worms no matter how long.

I'm a bitch, And I didn't get the highest score, I Got 2nd, so I'll Bitch.

That's nice, it's kinda fast, but the rought game's rules are here, you still enjoy a nice little play of this classic ^^ need some graphics improvements i guess ^^

nice concept but controls need a little bit of work and some worms are a bit over sized but other than that 5 out of 5