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Concave vs Convex

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Author Comments

I'm new to flash and looking for constructive critism. I originally made this for my geology class to help everyone remember between the two.


If you wanna resize the preloader (the thing that "loads stuff", the "loading" part) And keep the same look just with a bigger/smaller size, you should press and hold the shift key and then resize it with the transformation tool (is that what it call?).
Maybe you should say that you need constructive criticism and you're new to flash in your author comments. Because some people are just... *sigh*
You should go look some tutorials on how to use Flash. Or how to design/draw in flash. How to make effects, etc.
I just noticed that you use low frame rates that makes it look like laggy. You were probably using 12fps which is the "default" frame rates, right? If you don't get what I was saying, like I said before go find some useful tutorials. (Yeah, go find some tutorials. That's the best review I can give. Well, I mean you need a lot of things to learn)
I recommend you start animating with stick figures. I started animating with stick figures fighting at each other. Heh. You can find tutorials on making that kind of animation in stickpage.com at the forum. It has... well... some useful tutorials. If you don't like fighting anims, well you still should go find it because it tells you how to make like "smooth" animations instead of "rough" or stiff animation.
Another tutorial you can find is Terkoiz in Youtube. Terkoiz posted a lot of tutorials in youtube. Not sure if it's good for new flash users like you though. But I hope you'll know more about animating and be good at it.
Yeah, that's all I can say. Find tutorials... Because there's a lot of things you need to learn. Well, if you really wanna be good at animating. If you ask me how long I've been animating, I've actually been animating for like... 5 years but on and off. I started animating on Pivot first then I found Flash.
So yeah. I hope you'll be good at animating. I give you 2.5 stars.

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uCir2Cir responds:

Thanks for all the constructive critism, I really appreciate it. I'll look into the resources you provided and I'll change the description. This was my first time using the preloader and I'm aware that you can resize it but I wasn't sure which size was more aesthetically pleasing to me so I went with this one. I have other animations I'm working on but it's hard to find time and/or motivation sometimes to animate. I typically animate at 30fps because that's what Jazza suggested. My other work is definitely better than this and much smoother. This was made in just a couple hours and I wanted the FPS so everything would be watchable in one go. I could have added more FPS but I would have had to spend a lot more time editing this when really I'm done with it and I just wanted to upload it to see what people thought. I already spent a few hours just polishing it to put it on here. I really do appreciate you taking the time to write all the help though, it's a lot more beneficial and revealing than, "Blam this.... NOW!!!". Like I said in a different comment though this was created originally as a short .gif and that set its theme in stone.

What's next, the difference between obtuse and acute?

uCir2Cir responds:

If that's something people were having trouble with, then sure. That's the point of teaching.

fair enough.... admitted i get them confused more eductaion videos would be good maybe add brief audio descriptions aswel

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uCir2Cir responds:

Did this help you at all? I could do the audio thing, I'm looking for constuctive critism like this. I'm brand new to flash and digital media, this is so short because I originally made this as a .gif so that it would be short enough that people would watch the entire thing and maybe learn.

bad quality you should make something beter

uCir2Cir responds:

That's not exactly helpful. I'm new to flash, read the reply I gave zaknia.

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2.03 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2013
3:34 AM EDT