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Kerrigan and the Frog

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WARNING: If you are offended by extreme cuteness, yummy muffins, or adorible little frogies: DO NOT WATCH!

I made this awhile back. Pre- "One Ring to Rule Them All" and pre-"Final Fantasy Tribute." I wasn't going to summit it but everybody who saw it liked it so...here it is! (Remember, this is old!)

NOTES: Kerrigan is one of my characters from my science fiction story. I was watching Tenchi on TV and realized how silly anime could be. So I took Kerrigan, made her all cute and adorible looking, and just had some fun animating.

Also note: This is NOT Kerrigan from StarCraft, it's just one of my characters with the same name. I mean, they don't even LOOK the same. The only similar trait is the green skin... and SC Kerrigan doesn't even HAVE green skin in her unit profile.

Yay! Daily 4th Place!

***Flash Movie #2***

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hehehehehe muffins are teh epic!!!

Teh muffins tasted like dingleberries.


And you can't go wrong with something by legendary frog here was something really amusing and as always made me chuckle you always make great stuff and like this episdode of submission you braught the humor and made it work I would love to see you make more like this as it was pretty good and very entertaining some good visual points too as the art and animation was pretty solid work

Just make more of this stuff


Hmm, I thought there would be a frog in the box. At least a frog did eventually appear. I can tell this is an early video. The animation is pretty crude. It was nice to see some original characters. Wow, this really is quite popular.

I don't think it's that good. Your other stuff is funnier. This is still at least watchable. It's just nothing that interesting. Lemon poppy seed muffins are my favorite!

Watched this when it first came out. Flash has come a long way.