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Hallo's Ween TEASER

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Hallo's Ween is my Halloween animation. It involves a shadow being, named Hallo, who has a small penis and one day gets fed up with constantly being reminded of it. I decided to upload this little bit from the animation as a teaser because the full animation will more than likely come out after Halloween because it's going to take a while to complete. The full animation will be around 7 minutes long.


the volume was really jumpy and i didnt like it for because reasons.

artistunknown responds:

"and I didnt like it for because reasons" wat

Pretty good animation, not the best, but good for halloween. :)

Looks good.

Pretty good frame-by-frame animation, albeit a bit choppy in some parts. I think that the quality of the animation will vastly improve if you slip in an inbetween here and there; some parts of this are noticeably choppy, and since the scene is animated on all 2's, it's a problem.

Probably not the best scene to choose for a teaser. I personally would've went with the scene before, since you wouldn't really be able to get the premise of this unless you read the description. Kind of makes you think a bit, but for a good bit; a kind of bit that makes you stand back sit down and kind of reevaluate everything you once thought was normal. Kind of fucked up if you think about it.

artistunknown responds:

I didn't choose the previous scene because I felt it gave away too much plot, plus there wasn't really a lot happening in it, with Hallo just talking. If I have enough time to go back and smooth out the animation, I will. I love animating on ones, and since you said that this looks a bit choppy, now you see why I tend to animate on ones :p

Penis humor always makes me feel ashamed that I find it funny.

This is the pinacle of that

artistunknown responds:

Just wait 'til the whole animation, there's even a musical number devoted to his tiny penis! :3

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3.30 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2013
5:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Original