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Awaken 0: Hell Unleashed

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Tactical Zombie Outbreak Simulator.
Can you lead your squad out of the infected zone? Are you a good commander ? Can you take the good decizions ? Will you hold the line or will you take assault in a blaze of glory ? Find out now !

Awaken is a zombie riot tactical simulator.

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The game itself is plagued with awkward mechanics. You're only able to give commands to the soldiers by using the attack mode instead of clicking them and asking them what to do(like the previous games). This becomes frustrating at times when the enemies are behind cover or are attacking from ranges where your troops can't fire back at. On top of this I've seen numerous glitches that happened. Sometimes only 3 troops will be deployed from the chopper even though I clicked on all 4. Other times the troops won't attack at all for some reason.

Good third installment reminds me of 90s classic PC games

i like this game, its kinda like doom in a way... :P

Silverjelly this guy is spot on, everything he had to say is one the noise. thank you, you have a good game here.

1. shop and inventory menu needs tabs for each equipment type
2. during missions that have the machine gun slinging cyborg zombies there are instances that your soldiers won't fire back even after reloading.
3. needs manual reload command

There are only 20 points that you can distribute on the of stats of each soldier, so you can only max 2 attributes for them. maxing strength to 10 is top priority because not only it increases their HP and close combat power but it's also a requirement for the Power Armor(PA) set.

Here's 2 cookie cutter builds

1. Shotgun/ Handgun specialist (str/int type)

-Get a soldier with 1~2 str, 0 agi, 1~2 Int
-max str 1st to equip good armor and shotgun
-max int to get 100% accuracy
-equip with the Peace maker shotgun and PA set

This soldier is a power house, if you have 4 of these the 8th mission is easy. the shotgun may have limited ammo but each shot hits hard and counts all the time.

2. Shotgun / Automatic specialist (str/agi type)

-Get a soldier with 1~2 str, 1~2 agi, 0 Int
-max str 1st to equip good armor and
-max agi to equip Automatic guns
-equip with the Peace maker shotgun or Remington heavy machine gun and the PA set

with the rapid fire of the machine gun so what if it can hit 50% with each shot? can also work as a shotgun guy but not as accurate but it's faster at reloading I guess.


Missions 2,3, and 4 are best to get levels and cash. stay at the missions with buildings until you get the best armor, the jungle area can be tough w/o it. Always help out wounded survivors for XP, Copy important data, and only loot the one that heals your group if you don't need the healing.

-Early game just stick with the 2nd command "vigilante"
-use the 3rd command to let your troops fall back and regroup if they're surrounded.
-to manually reload their guns use the 4th command ad hide from enemy fire , not effective on the jungle missions because there' hardly any place to take cover.
-when a soldier dies just go back to the base so that they can revive.