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Select your car and try to conquer the world one setting at a time. Upgrade to 8 new, faster and better cars as you progress. Select for 12 different types of upgrades that will give you an awesome chance at beating each world. Fill the sky with collectible nitros and other cool things like planes and helicopters.

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What happened to the game? The main menu doesn't have any buttons, not even the Play one. This game is literally unplayable, and that's pity because I used to play it many months ago and it was really fun.

Awesome game awesome!
Hope i like cars!
But im great for cars!

This game is really fun but has its own share of flaws.
The gameplay is great and addictive. I played it first time straight for around 15-20 mins (which is quite a lot). The art, graphics and whole look of the game is good. music is ok.
Now, coming to the flaws - the most noticeable and irritating one: the car runs out of fuel before you can actually make substantial progress. Moreover, there is no way to actually refill the fuel tank (the refuel tanks provided during the gamerun look flawed as they provide fuel to move for only 1 sec).
Secondly upgrading the assists like helis, planes etc. don't actually assist the player. Instead, they prove to be more of an obstacle due to collisions and slowing downs.
Also adding some storyline would have added to the interest of the player.
Overall, I find this game really interesting (it's in my favorites list).
The author has the talent and I hope he makes some amendments to this version or comes up with a better sequel.
My best wishes to the author for his future works!

This game was kind of fun, but it had just too many problems, which I'll describe here.
1 - The fuel was consumed far too fast, you couldn't even drive for more than 10 seconds without nitro, and you were our of fuel, with no way to replenish it as the fuel cans give back around 1% of the fuel (which is consumed again before you can even press space to jump).
2 - The super nitro is NOT useful at all, as it cannot be stopped, cannot be replenished and leaves you with only fuel when it's finished. It also depletes so fast that a 99% full standard nitro can get you around five times farther away than a super one.
3 - Helicopters, planes and UFOs were supposed to be of help, as they give you nitro, but they act as obstacles, often stopping your car or making it explode on landing.
4 - When you're out of fuel there is NOTHING you can do, as nitro doesn't work anymore. Even if you find some fuel cans, they will run out istantly and you will still be doomed.
5 - What is the point of the rocket slam? It has so many upgrades and it's completely useless, as the game's objective is to stay in the air as much as possible and keep getting nitro.
6 - The game has no ending, as it just says "game completed". It will be exactly the same World 4 as before, and you'll never be able to play in the previous worlds again, and "game completed" will appear each time you die. That's it.

My suggestions to make this game better are:
1 - Add a fuel upgrade, make fuel cans actually useful and possibly place them in balloons too, as the car will spend only around 2% of the time on the ground.
2 - Change the super nitro, letting the player choose when to use it, or making every star and plane you collected while using it give you nitro after the super is finished.
3 - Remove the collision model from helis, planes and ufos, and just make them explode and act as a background element (like the beach balls in World 4).
4 - Let the nitro work when out of fuel, so that the players can still do something after the car is out of gas, or add the possibility to replenish it when out (like FULL fuel cans on the ground).
5 - Remove the rocket slam completely. Change it so that it gives you a fuel or height boost, but as it is now it's just useless.
6 - Give the game at least a reward for completing it! It makes no sense at all right now!

So, right now I can't give more than three stars to this game. If it gets updated, I'll probably give it a little better vote.

I´ll give it a 4/5. The game is really addictive and funny and the ammount of cars to buy is enough. Some negative things:
- You could make the upgrades visible on the cars (maybe with spoilers, rockets, big block, etc.)
- You should tell the player what the items are good for. I have no idea why i sould use the rocket slam for example.

All in all a good game!

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4.68 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2013
12:48 PM EDT