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Thanks - Halloween Short

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OMG, frontpage O.O THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^

Halloween is coming, so I decided to do a little halloween short!

The narrator is Mr. Creepy Pasta and he, well, narrates Creepy Pastas!
Check out his channel for more Creepiness:

Original story


It's not technically Halloween yet, but hey, who care's, a good scare is always welcome I suppose (if you got scared of course xD)

I know I've been away but dont' worry I'm alive and okay!
I'll make a video adressing the issue of my temporary disappearance ;)

I really hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you get scared!
Love you all

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Holy crap, I love Creepypasta! I binge read it every Halloween! I even remember this exact one! It's pretty old. It's just great to see this come to life. I have in fact heard Creepypasta audio before, but not when it was animated.

The atmosphere was just perfect. I'm glad I forgot how it ends. It's the perfect twist ending! It may be short, but it's effective! I'd love to see more stuff like this! Happy uh, belated Halloween!

Lixian you are amazing, and props to MrCreepyPasta's narrating. I have seen you both on Youtube and have enjoyed both of your works.

why creepypasta give me on this video i am sonic.exe lol

I love mr. creepy pasta.... and you animations aren't half bad either.... i think you did a pretty great job.

Doctor: -rages in front of computer- YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BLINKED!!! >:C
Derpy: -laguhs- Is just fiction, doctor! XD