Eternal Duel of Wits: ST

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It’s the card game where a well-chosen argument can move the world!
Choose the Perfect Rebuttal with cool Reason, snide Derision, righteous Ethics, or hot-blooded Passion!
Plan ahead and catch your opponent off-guard with a stunning Chain of Arguments!
Help Abraham Lincoln, Cao Cao, Joan of Arc, Socrates, and more sway the modern world with their philosophies!
Can you win the Scholars’ Tournament?

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Agreeing with SilentSpeaker on this one; feinting made the game more complex than a simple "highest number wins" type of card game. I love this game for the tranquil music and settings provided (Thanks Bryn and Allen!), in addition to the philosophical concepts. Yes, it can prove challenging and sometimes luck-based, but there are plenty of turns and potential triumphs to be made if one understands the concepts of feinting. Again, great game and good concepts.
(P.s. loved the end opponent. Haha)

Others have said that this game is complicated, which I agree with. However, once you go through the tutorial and see all the rules in action, it's actually quite simple, and gameplay can move very quickly.

Also, many have complained about the use of feinting, but I consider it to be one of the most important aspects of this game. Without it, the game reduces to a stylized version of crazy eights, or uno. Feinting actually adds the possibility for deeper strategy to this game. For example, I lost a number of individual turns because though I successfully detected a feint, I guessed poorly on what the hidden card really was. (If feinting gives you too much trouble, try playing as a character with a high Guile stat.)

Beyond that, this is also one of the most beautiful flash games I have ever played, both in terms of graphics and audio.

The gameplay is good and interesting, and the music is nice and atmospheric.

It could use more game modes though, the Champion and Survival modes are not exactly suitable for a luck-based card game.

I also wish it had more players in the multiplayer community.

This game was over-complicated for being essentially a 4-suit computer card game. I like arguments and debate, but this manages to avoid all the fun of a debate and instead sticks to a no-frills card game mechanic. If the tutorial is so long that I am already bored while playing it, there might be some problems. It would be more fun if the cards consisted of actual arguments, with little avatars shouting short forms of them each time you played, or something. While it functions well, it is too difficult to grasp for the kinds of rewards and enjoyment you can get out of it.

Feinting in particular was entirely unnecessary and served merely to add frustration and complication, rather than fun and intrigue.

Waaaay... too... complicated... Tutorial lasts too long and the amount of things we must have in mind is exremely big. Also, not to mention that the concept of this game is considered (and is) boring to most of the people, I think of this as an only nice attempt. This concept might have gone through if you made more special effects, and a little bit more sense.

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2013
6:48 PM EDT
Strategy - Other