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Sonic vs. Mecha Sonic

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I'm horrible at finding sounds... @_@
Anyway, i'm trying myself in fighting scenes. But simple combat is boring, so i decided to make it a bit interesting to watch and interact with.

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I love the Level of thought that you put into this! Bravo!

Incredible! Just make sure the sounds are in sync, I think I heard one out of sync but otherwise great! :P

noname2 responds:

Thank you, glad you like it! I did notice some issues with the sound and i'll make sure to avoid such mistakes in my projects.

Pretty decent.

it was ok

noname2 responds:

Yeah, looking at it now, it doesn't look that good when i first made it. I definately see some things that i could have made better. But hey, i was an amateur (or maybe still am, hehe).

I thought this was good, but not the best. Is Mecha Sonic the same as Metal Sonic? Well, there's been a lot of Sonic robots. Even AOSTH had Psuedo Sonic. This was too short. I'm glad there were multiple endings.

The sprite work was quite nice. Shouldn't this also be in the Mortal Kombat collection? Well, it isn't that well known. I just didn't like this near as much as most people. I like seeing the oil spilled.

noname2 responds:

Hey, as long as you enjoyed watching it, i'm happy! I tried to make Mecha Sonic appear like ruthless killing machine, at least that's how i remember him being in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Mecha Sonic and Metal Sonic are not the same. How i see it is that Metal looks more like Sonic and acts like his evil counterpart (i.e. more "alive") while Mecha is just a strong machine made with sole purpose of stopping Sonic.
Of course there is a lot of interpretations of the robots...
Anyway, thanks for watching!