Metal Gear Mayhem

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This is our first movie, but still give us a fair rating. We consist of Dim and Tom. Tom did the music, and animation and Dim did all of the artwork, and came up with the ideas. Hopefully you will see more work from us in the future! We made it on a laptop on holiday using Flash 4, so we didn't have the best of time or materials, but we're pleased with it. We saw Legendary Frogs Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda movies and thought we just had to make our own. Hope you like it.

Nickhead's comments makes lots of sense. Our future will be much better than this. We were just getting used to Flash 4, and didn't have the right equipment to put in voices. Also, we didn't want it to be too big, as that can put some people off watching. backgrounds and voices will be in our next movie. A Smash Bros cartoon. Dim will be doing all the animation and drawing and writing for that one, so all Tom does is music :) haha! :) look out for a kirby platformer from him though.

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I am sorry, but I didn't like this. There was no dialogue for one thing. I thought the animation was pretty subpar. I didn't see what this had to go with Metal Gear. Granted, I've never played the game. I've still seen enough parodies to understand it.

I guess you probably regard this as an old shame. I like your other stuff much better. It's great to see how much you've improved IMHO. I just don't think it holds up. Well, it probably didn't when it first came out.

I love it.

Whoa, scary

Damn, those eyes r scaryyyy...hahaaaa


you start out w/ this, and then you make the decline of video games? this movie could have been better, but it's definitelly better then some other MGS movies around here. it certainily shows it's age, but it's still good for a few viewings. i've seen better, but i've also seen worse. overall, good job, could've done a bit better on the eyes (they creep me out more than RE4 really), but other then that, and putting in a few more recent characters wouldn't hurt but overall, pretty damn good man keep up the good work.


WOW!! This has opened my eyes! You have always been an inspiration to me but now that i realise how simple your first flsh was compared to your awesome stuff you make now has made me realise that I could *cough*yeahright*cough* become as good as you someday!

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3.37 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2002
3:01 PM EDT
Music Video