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A friend gets a night call from his ol' buddy, and fun times happen. Voices and stuff by me; my neighbors probably think i'm a creep by now.

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Another commenter mentioned the quiteness, to which I can attest to. Despite the quiteness however, the story arc was really well done, and the animation was packed with oohhs and ahhhs. Just all the bells and whistles, and a few bangers as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the cartoon was real quite.

-The BigPackagedMan

Unexpectedly good.

Very good.

I laughed.

Haha, what a random call! :) Strange things happen in the night time. I like the sketchy, oddly realistic/characteristic animation style that really brings out the random in this animation, good voice acting; great ideas!


Haha this flash is so strange, and awesome!
I like the off the wall humor and original style animation.
The friend's eyes look hilarious, not to mention his flower printed pants.
Great job at creating an awkward, slightly disturbing movie that should be enjoyed by all.
Keep up the great work!

My Father is a no nonsense no bullshit type of guy, He fights people, he eats his eggs kinda raw, and he really means business. He liked it.