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Hatcher Tabletop Dice

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Jan 7 2021 - Slightly updated PC version for free or what you can pay is exclusively now on Kartridge: Hatcher Dice PC

The most reliable & easiest to use dice, coin, and CUSTUM dice randomizer on Newgrounds!

You can use the Hatcher Tabletop Dice app to always get a legit roll in tabletop games, role-playing games, board games, card games, chance games, game design sessions, quick social decisions, and more.

- Chance makers on one screen: This multi-function dice app has a 2 Sided Coin, 3 sided die, 4 sided die, 6 sided die, 8 sided die, 10 sided die, 12 sided die and a 20 sided die which are ALL on the Home screen, where you can "roll" any of them.

- Chance makers on solo screens: Choose from the same dice mentioned above on their own solo screen, as well as you can choose the added feature of a custom 1-999 sided "die", set it to any number range that you need.

- Roll history log: Use your finger to scroll through what has been tapped or rolled on any of the dice screens. The roll history resets after 150 rolls.

- Clear Roll History Log: Press the red button to clear the history log on the screen that you are on.

- Options: Mute sounds, change background colors.

- Created by a teenager as a freshman in high school, who created the graphics, art, sounds, design and programming for his first Android Application and 2nd Flash app! :)

--Support - If you have any trouble with the app, please let us know by contacting our support!

(This app was tested by gamers of D&D, Magic, Shadowrun, Backgammon, Risk. Works great! Take it with you, available on Google Play for Android devices!)

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Maybe it's not the most idealistic game but it does it's purpose, if someone were wishing to see chances on certain given dice rolls it's good for that, but the graphics are a bit cheap, if they were to show it rolling and maybe something more graphically designed with the history it would be just right. I'd keep it for extra content.

technomantics responds:

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Useful, but would be much more useful in app form. Seems like an odd thing to post on Newgrounds.
Still, it works well, so I gave you 3 stars.

technomantics responds:

It is a web app, and is also on Google Play for free! :) That is why it is posted as a Gadget ;)

Useful! Could be cleaned up a little better though

technomantics responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :) It is the 2nd app by my son at 15yo, he did the programming, design and art.

The tool is handy, but I don't like the presentation everything looks too simple, it seems like the artist made this in a hurry. Also I was noticing that the randomness generator doesn't seem to work well for the coin toss, but this could just be that I was having unlucky throws.

I don't recommend.

technomantics responds:

The artist is the creator of the app. He made it earlier this year in between extra high school classes, projects, and more. It took longer then you might think ;) Thanks for your feedback!