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This is my process in the making of my illustration titled, Wanted.


Go watch Chasing Amy, and try to feel the same emotion when I tell you you are a tracer

animationsteve responds:

I also drew it before all that is on the video. I didn't want to show the sketch part of it because that would've taken longer.

This is a great drawing but not something that I'd expect to see on Newgrounds. This feels more of a youtube video. You're a great artist though

animationsteve responds:

Thanks for watching

This is not the place for speedpaints. But good job anyhow.

Process videos, a staple in youtube and other video sharing sites, is a piece that shows the artist work progress. I think that process videos go against Newground's gist. But I can't deny that they are useful submitions for authors which are mainly interested in drawing and illustraition instead of animation.

I find it hard to recommend this, it is of little interest to anyone that is not into the Art Portal. Understand my position, how can I review a screen capture. I could criticize the position of the camera, or the music selected, but this would add little to the artist's work. I could talk about how the selected colors aren't fitting but this would better be discussed in the Drawing's Art Portal Entry; on the other hand I can't talk about the drawing techniques the author used as I have no useful knowledge on that subject. So I have no idea how to review a screen capture, and all I can do is Safe the job if the movie doesn't crash or Blam it if it doesn't play. This is why this submissions go against Newgrounds gist and the work of the reviewer.

animationsteve responds:

I had submitted the art pieces first but I got emails from people wanting to know how I did it, so I posted the process videos in response to those emails.

This was a rather good time lapse, had decent speed and music. I just want to suggest putting in a link to the original illustraion in the "Autor Comments". All round it was a good time lapse.

animationsteve responds:

Thanks. Yea, I didn't think to put a link. I figured if people were interested enough they would visit my profile to see the art pieces featured in this video. Good tip though. :)

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Oct 4, 2013
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