Secret Shrine

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In Secret Shrine, you will be exploring a mysterious temple, trying to find clues that will help you escape. Featuring beautiful pre-rendered graphics and a unique style inspired by Mesoamerican art, it is reminiscent of old adventure movies. Use your wits, solve the puzzles and claim your prize.

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I couldn't get past the first part. The inventory isn't visible on my screen. The option to select play is also not fully displayed. Looks like it could be a good game otherwise.

Honestly, there are too many holes in your logic for this to be a good game. For example, when you're trying to solve the puzzle boxes and put the colors in the right order, those inscriptions you provided as "clues" give no hint as to the order of the colors. All they tell you is how many of each color should be showing on the box.

Also, your descriptions for the four essences and the order in which they are supposed to go, which is supposedly shown on the tree, don't match up. I followed the descriptions and the map exactly, and it got me nowhere.

Cool game! music sounds awesome too! 5 Stars!!!!!

Simple game, but a few of the puzzles seem to have hints in different orders than the solutions. I'm not sure how "Essence, Vessel, River, Marrow" in the picture translates to the order of "Soul, Body, Blood, Bone" in the walk-through. Seems swapped at the end. Likewise "Sky, Earth, Forest, Stream, Night" doesn't match the solution "Blue, Brown, Green, Black, Blue". It seems someone has a bad habit of flipping the last to pieces of these color puzzles.

I like the puzzles and ideas, but not double checking your puzzle solutions in this kind of game has a major, negative impact.

awesome game, can't wait to tell all my friends about this game..

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2.26 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2013
1:48 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click