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Stick Wars

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Pretty old animation i did a while back..almost didnt put it up but i said fuck it why not.. anyway in this movie we find out that stick figures arent the more elite of the jedi knights


This certainly had good animation. It just didn't build up to much. I knew what was going to happen. It was still nice to see Darth Maul. It's reminds me back in the days when there were fewer Star Wars movies. There are other flashes with this name.

They came later, so they might have stolen this name from you! I could see the punchline coming. I would have liked to see a fight. That's what "The Phantom Menace" gave us. It was also too short.

its okay

Totally lame

i like it
nice build up
the stick figure being that incompetent was quite amusing

good drawings and sound

A blast from the past

Now with this one i like the idea of "STICK WARS" and even though this is an older flash, it still did pretty good, you really did give it that star wars feel so even with sticks it was like i was watching starwars in a stick version haha, so nice effort there, and it does show the effort in relation to star wars, so after watching the movie abit it gave me a few chuckles, now with the green stick scene i thought you could have animated it abit more with his limbs and such, the animation was kind of short almost seems like you could have added more short clips all in one flash to make for a sort of multiple starwars clips of sorts. And last but not least some "SUBTITLES" wouldnt hurt for when phantom is talking. but i did enjoy this, it was entertaining and i got a few laughs out of it.

For starters you could "ANIMATE" the sticks "LIMBS" more, even have him move around more like into other scenes and such, you could have added more short clips all in one flash to make for a sort of multiple starwars clips of sorts. Now I mention Subtitles only because its not hard to understand or anything but its nice to have for viewers, cause sometimes something might be missed, just a little something extra that will make a better flash and such. but besides that hope those small tips help on this amusing flash.

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2.29 / 5.00

May 4, 2000
5:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody