Wall Climber

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This game has an interesting mechanic with easy controls (arrows to move, R to respawn). It tries to use as much as possible this same mechanic in different ways and makes you really use your head to create solutions as the puzzles appears.
There are only 6 simple levels in this game, but It was made to make them really "puzzle"ish. Feel free to comment!


A good idea, however i have seen it done quite a few times before. The platforms are not exactly where they appear to be. You also keep moving for a split second when you stop holding the key. For this game to be good i would make the controls tighter and zoom out a bit

Construct 2 games don't really allow /too/ much deviation. They all have shoddy hitboxes, And the jumping can be a bit buggy. Which leaves the entire good part of the game to the level design and story. Well, The level design was nice! I think that Level 5 could've used a bit of..Something. You had to do it just right, And it took me a few tries, But there's no way to just know what to do. And there's no thinking involved, It's mostly trial and error. But, I enjoyed it.


Bit short, and the last level was somewhat confusing. 1 wrong turn and you're doomed. Maybe having a small hud with a map would clear things up

It's a nice idea, and the music isn't bad, but the game could use polish. It's a little laggy/choppy, and that makes it quite difficult to time jumps and judge distance.

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2.21 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2013
12:31 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other