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Hello everyone!

This animation is a final year project by me and 3 of my friends. We go by the name of Eximius Studios. We also got the Official Selection to be screened at the Moscars Al-Hurria International Film Festival 2013.

The story is about Nick, a mechanic who has a dream of becoming a superhero but in the end he realizes that to be a true hero he needs to be himself.

Directed by Hilmi Ismail, Concept Art by Fazren Fadrillah, 3D Art by Shareez Azrai Zubil, Sound Design by Abdullah Abbas.

Check us out on Vimeo: vimeo.com/64377648

1st Update!

Thank you everyone for the Daily 3rd Award! We really appreciate your support.

Please do vote for us in BANG Awards!

2nd Update!

We got featured! Thanks again everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Some of you asked about the songs. Well here you go!

Theme Song : soundcloud.com/abbas-sasori/mechanicman-theme
Song writer & Composer: Fazren Fadrillah
Song Engineer: Azri Yunus
Vocalist: Firhaen

Final Battle Song : soundcloud.com/abbas-sasori/final-battle
Composer: Azri Yunus

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I like the logo but the voice is creepy. The sound effects sound amazing! The art stlye is really nice looking. The animations are very fluid. The hero suit seems very simple but it works. The "monster" is designed very well and reminds me of an evil Cyborg (Cyborg from Teen Titans). The slow motion when the missile was fired felt a little too short. Watching the missile chase the Hero was actually kinda funny. When the camera panned out and all you see are two big specks running around yelling that was pretty hilarious. The slow motion when the "monster" came through the roof was perfect. Actually all the slow motion bits after that were done very well. That fight scene was done amazingly well! Also that awesome rock song that played during that bit was amazing. Got a download link to it? You even have awesome credits! Great animation!

Ayai responds:

That creepy voice was purely made for fun. We'll inform the owner of the voice about that. Hahaha. It's good to know how you feel about those shots. Thanks for your comments J-Rex! And about that rock song, I just updated the link in the Authors Comments. - Ayai

freakin sweet animation dude, was wondering can i get a copy of that rock song in the last scene

Ayai responds:

Thanks man! Checkout the link of the song in the Authors Comments. -Ayai

awesome MAKE MORE XD its needed

Sometimes the best hero is yourself. ;3

The story wasn't my thing but i still give 4,5 stars pure because of the incredible animations! Please more!