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End of Summer; End of All

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EDIT: This is not a loop. I feel the need to say this, because of the drastic score drop, it would seem that people are too fucking stupid to watch past the first few seconds. So watch the entire thing before voting, k?

Summer is over and school is starting up, and the FrogMan crew is both psyched and terrified.
I started working on this near the end of July, expecting it to take a couple weeks, and was hoping to have it out before school had started for me, but that obviously didn't work. Then I tried having it out before the beginning of September, but yeah. Then I tried getting it out last Thursday and then Friday and then before I knew it, it was Madness Day and yeah, didn't really want to submit a non-Madness animation then, heh. Anyways, it's finally done, and I'm glad, cause now I can work on new things! Clocking in at a whopping 2:45, this is my longest animation in a while. I've put a lot of work into this over the past few months, so I hope you all enjoy! Be sure to leave a review and tell me what you think!

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This seemed to be pretty decent.

The animation was the same as the rest of the Frogman series which is good since a change in animation at any point in a series can always make things seem pretty off.

The story was entertaining since Frogman and friends were just complaining a bit and thinking about Summer coming to an end. Then a meteor strikes and the plot twist ends up it was all the dream of a drunk cat.

The audio was pleasant and made me think of 90s cartoons like Hey Arnold, neat.

Overall, not much to improve here aside from maybe make it longer.

Review Request Club

artistunknown responds:

Pretty decent is okay for me :) People seemed to have mixed feelings about this, and I never really liked the writing of it in the beginning, but I grew to like it and I think I did a pretty good job with it, albeit I did take a few shortcuts.
While I do like the animation quality where it is, I still try to get a bit better with each animation I do, though I don't think I'll be making any drastic changes in a while.
I'm never sure what to think of the story with this one, but you found it entertaining so I guess I did something right. I always liked the ending best though.
I'm glad you liked the audio. Audio management is something I've been working on and trying to perfect. It's interesting how this gave you a 90's cartoon feel. I've been hearing some stuff about my animations feeling like 90's cartoons. Might be a bit of influence in there, but I'm fine with that 'cause 90's cartoons were sweet (;
This was actually my longest animation this year, though I do like making longer, more story driven animations. I'm working on a couple right now and they'll definitely be finished next year. I don't know when I'll get around to another full episode of FrogMan though, but it's coming.
Thank you for the review. Feedback gives me the drive to keep going and keep improving.

OMG so kool epic animation bro i can totally relate to the characters during summer time XD XD

Heyo, not bad. I know a lot of people take length for granted, but 2:45 is a really big deal. So, I commend you for your hard work. I'd say one of the biggest turn offs for me was the voice acting. Like, don't be afraid to get loud. The art was kinda cool, just add some more frames and you'll be golden.

artistunknown responds:

I'm not afraid to get loud, my mic just sucks, lol. The old me wouldn't think 2:45 is a lot, because I was used to making 6min + things, but more recently as I've been making things more animated I realize exactly how long it takes to make something decently lengthed. So yeah, 2:45 is somewhat of a big deal. Anyways, thanks for the review!

Decent length, occasionally pretty funny. I think you mainly need to work on your comedic timing to get the most out of it. Also what was with the lack of an explosion sound effect at the end there? Lastly I would put more care into picking the colours, it's actually a pretty important part of making everything look nice.

artistunknown responds:

Oh shit, I forgot the sound effect. I might have just been too lazy to make another audio tract, cause I already had 3 going. I'll add that in now if I can manage to properly update the file. Thanks for the review, I'll work on my coloring and timing. Those seem to be my two biggest issues right now.

Honestly not funny, the writing needs extreme work. I saw your post in the forums, and while it is unfair to rate this without reviewing it, I think the score of 3 stars is plenty fair. I understand you spent a couple of months working on this, but it just wasn't impressive.

artistunknown responds:

Well, it's impressive if you compare it to my older works. It might not be impressive if compared to something by the more experienced animators. I was never really trying to be funny with this, but I found some humor in it so I labeled it as comedy. I honestly don't care about score, it just seems like nowadays, people don't watch anything unless it has a decent score, and all an artist wants is for people to see their stuff. Thanks for the feedback, even if I don't fully agree with it, it is helpful and shows that I still need to improve, and Improve I will.