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Barons Gate

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Barons Gate is a fantastical role-playing game set in the deep dark dungeons of evil Barons. Defeat mystical enemies, collect gold to buy new equipment or find special loot in dangerous hidden areas.

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Now this was fun

Wow I have to say that this was a fun game here you really made something nice here the "GRAPHICS" are pretty good, And I like the stylish elemenst of this game, you could really sparkle this up with some medals and achievments for the game, anyways nice work.

Some added medals would be nice.


could be longer,can have more options,and more armor and weapons otherwise good game,graphics are good fun gameplay

Very nice! Could do with more gameplay, though. I don't know what's with the complaints about using a mouse; I thought it made things convenient for everything but buying potions. Then again, I use a thumb-ball mouse.

It's an alright game. I do agree that using the mouse is annoying. I also wish there was a level up system and some abilities. Also I would have liked an inventory menu along with the quick equip feature that you included. The inventory would have allowed you to hold onto certain items that could have use in different situations like the healing equipment or other equipment that increases your speed and jump.

Good graphics. Good game engine other than the use of the mouse. Good sound effects. Good variety in equipment.

Although I enjoyed this game, the lack of game play variety causes me to just enjoy it and move on whereas, the truly awesome games on this site get regular plays by myself do to the fact that I can enjoy them every time I play. This game doesn't have that quality. I, in fact, lost a lot of enjoyment in this game before I finished playing it.

One last side note; the R button retrying a level is a good idea... if there was an 'are you sure' question after pressing it or if it only worked in the pause menu. ;-] I actually dropped a weapon in place of a different one and, while trying to pick it back up, I hit the R button... no more weapon lol.

-------- 3.5/5 ---------

the fact that I had to use a mouse annoyed me.

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2013
1:46 PM EDT

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