Harry Potter Car Ride

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Harry Potter is driving his car. He will be attacked by evil witches sent by Valdmort.

To escape, he should hit them. Be careful to not let the car roll over.

Oh, you can collect points by catching stars the way.


the game was very bad the only good thing was the background. also try to make something that is not a copy of a game used a hundred times . all you did was replace the character, add art and made witches. maybe add other bad guys like trolls and don't make it a car make it a broomstick and he should be able to cast spells. don't think of this as a bad review think of it as ways to make your game better.

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Let's be honest, It's a cheap version of the old driving game, with Harry Potter in a car.
He doesn't even drive.
You misspelled Voldemort by the way.
It wasn't very fun at all.
Controls: Aimlessly press arrow keys.
Pretty boring if you ask me.
Why don't you try inventing something modern and interesting? Something that will catch the eye of the local Newgrounder?

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Not fun. Here, let me explain you the controls: hold "up arrow".

This poor excuse for a book/movie cash in is absolutely terrible. Looking at it as just a game, it is a cheap knockoff of the Android game Hillclimb Racing but with overly sensitive controls resulting in unnecessary difficulty where there would otherwise be none. I would be more upset if it weren't free, but I wouldn't suffer through this "game" again if someone paid me. The level design is uninspired and boringly generic. And as for the plot, what plot? This is a cartoon Harry Potter, in a car for no reason, "running from" generic witches (but in actuality you are supposed to collect them?) through repetitive scenery. The only positive thing about this game is how short it is. At least it has the common decency to not make you suffer very long. This is a laughable excuse for a game that leeches off Harry Potter for popularity.
This could have been a good game, or at least a passable one, if they had at least tried to make it their own thing. If they had made their own protagonist and developed any kind of real story, instead of just pushing out an underdeveloped carbon copy and pasted a famous character who has absolutely no relation to any other part of the game features. Its sad to see "game developers" like this still out there.

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Overly short levels and overly sensitive controls. Could be a decent starting point with some work. Maybe tone down the tilt controls, add points for 360's or other tricks while in the air and possibly an upgrade system to the game to improve.

Sound is ok. Might be better with music in the background.

Overall, decent starting point and could be made into a decent game with some work and additions.

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2.01 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2013
12:00 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other