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I just had to make this when Mega Evolutions came out for Pokemon. Took my about 24 hours in total to animate.

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Hell yeah! You are exactly right! Really great animation and awesome idea! I thought the same thing when I got Pokémon Y and fought my first "Mega Evolution" Pokémon. I was like, "how in the fuck can they evolve and then revert back to their original form? This shit isn't Digimon!" Don't get me wrong, I like Pokémon and Digimon, but once they introduced Mega Evolution...they pretty much broke that fine line that differentiated the two. I thought the whole point was that Pokémon were merely animals of the future that were thought to have originally came from space (watch the Clefairy episode with the Moon Stones) that eventually evolve into stronger animals (like tadpoles in real life) and Digimon were data from a digital world and that's why they could "Digivolve" and then revert because they were just data from a program. It makes no sense that an animal would evolve and then revert back into what it was...that would be like a frog becoming a tadpole after it was done fighting another animal. They are veering away from what made Pokémon more realistic and plausible. Sorry, I went off on a tangent about Poke and Digi, but yeah, this was a really good video. Good job.

wow nice :) i luv mega pokemon

Exactly what I thought. Exactly Good animation by the way. Cool.

Funny as shit but is still a good game

AngelXMIkey responds:

Very good I have both X and Y :D

awsome! now I know Im not the only one that thought that pokemons bekame digimons
great video