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8-bit Iron Man 3

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A sequel to 8-bit Avengers trailer, 8-bit Iron Man 3 trailer is yet another reimagining with NES sprites.

If you prefer youtube, here is the link (remove space):
http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=rTX1yk0-3hY

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This is awesome. Professional voice acting combined with sprites. That's just... insane. :D Would be cool if the sprites were custom-made for this, but at the same time it's fun seeing all these other random characters throwin into the mix. Nice work!


Matija27 responds:

Actually there is no voice acting, the audio was taken from the real trailer.
The sprites aren't custom made because I thought it would be fun to recognize all those familiar characters while watching the trailer, just like you said :)
Thanks for the review :)

Now that's a great trailer!

Matija27 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

First off: that was a very respectful response to a less than glowing review listed down here and I commend you for it. I personally feel the concept you came up with for the trailer was genius, using Megaman NES sprites to present it. While the animation did feel cluttered on screen at times, I felt it was very easy to follow and looks nice. I would love to see the whole movie like this!

Matija27 responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it :)
I see what you mean by cluttered, but it is a drawback that comes with 8-bit sprites and fast editing, which doesn't mean it can't be improved.
Thank you for a constructive review :)

I for one, thought that this is a very good piece of work. Sure it had some things to work on, but as a Mega Man fan myself thought this was pretty well inspired and delivered in a nice classic way.

Matija27 responds:

Thank you, glad you liked it :)

I don't feel very impressed by this trailer, some of the animating looks ok, think you really need to work on making the sprites you choose flow together if you know what I mean. I'll watch the whole thing when it's released and we'll see how it really is I guess.

Matija27 responds:

There won't be an 8 bit Iron Man 3 Movie, this is just the mock up trailer.
Thanks for the review :)