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Sprite A Day: Pizza

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You are about to enter the flash animation of daniel williams. The sprites are real. The pizza is real. The movieclips have been altered to protect the innocent. The tweens are final.

this is the pizza saga.

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Dont Fuck With my Pizza lol.

Horsenwelles responds:

harry where did you get that review?


Horsenwelles responds:

worst shitty thing because you're here i love you

I loved the animation in this

Horsenwelles responds:

it was made using 2 coconuts in the jungle book. thank you

Simply random and simply awesome. I loved the spastic humor, choice of sprites, and that ending is just too perfect. Great work. The only issue I have is that it seems like the characters were more animated in the middle than they were in the beginning and end. There was just so much more movement that it kind of looks like a whole different movie. (Though, to be fair, every part of this can basically be its own movie,) Anyway, awesome work. :D

Horsenwelles responds:

very observant of you, and yes, this WAS a miniseries of flashes. the individual parts had different levels of motion attention payed to them. this is also a little nod to the fact that the miniseries will continue in december, and i reallyhope everyone is ready to climb aboard.