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Casual Checkers

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Play a match of checkers against the CPU or against a friend in the same computer.


OOOOooo, sonicmeerkat, does the baby not know how to play anything but baby checkers the way the baby learned in his special ed 1st grade class? When you can jump, you have to. And if you can doublejump, you have to continue the jump. Them's the breaks. And them's the rules. If you want a game with rules that you get to make up, try Calvinball. If you want to play checkers, you play by the actual rules that other people go by.

mujek what rules are you referring to? This is how it is. No, what's WEIRD and DUMB is those ridiculous games where they show you the pieces BACKWARDS. So that you're looking at the board as your opponent would see it, and you're moving your pieces DOWN and trying to get to the BOTTOM of the screen, as if you were playing with YOUR pieces starting on the OPPOSITE side of the board. This is the correct way.

The one complaint is that again the AI isn't too good. It's not as outrageously stupid and completely random as many of them, but it's pretty bad. Sometimes it just decides to just throw away its pieces but it seems at least in the first half of the game it's not that bad.

I hate playing American checkers...GRrrrrr!! -Rulles are so weird and dumb

good exept it forces you to take when you dont have to which can cause your piece to get taken though please change that.

Simple, but fun. Playing against the computer isn't very fun, though... It gets a bit boring when it makes REALLY dumb moves. But other than that, it's good.

Simple fun! The drag and drop style of play is easy to get accustomed to, and the game was easy to play even though I didn't remember the rules from the start... but the CPU... is not very challenging! I guess you might define casual as not very challenging, but it would be cool with a choice to battle an even harder AI. Otherwise it's great, keep it going!


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2.95 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2013
12:42 PM EDT
Strategy - Other