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The Newgrounds Moderation Team sent to me a PM talking about people posting links in their reviews and other people posting pics on the Art Portal of their characters and creations made with my game, and both things are against the rules. So I want to ask, please don't post links on your reviews and don't publish your creations on the Art Portal, these guys do their best to keep the site clean, and we need to show respect not just to them but to the site rules too.
Enjoy :)

My first game, please vote high!
This is a Madness Combat character creator game full of pieces to you build your character or even yourself, made specially for people that don't know how to make good characters, but made too for who know but wanna play just for fun ;D.
I hope you enjoy this!
And please, put this in Madness Day 2013!
PS: There are Special Casts ;)
PPS: All animations were made from scratch, none of them were copied.


(A few notes before my character, this is a great game I just wish that you could have a bit of a wider variety of things to wear/use and that's all)

Name: Zennen Kane

Headwear: Cowboy (?) hat, Bandages

Head/Body: Sanford's body, Ammo packs around hips, Zombie head (he's not a "Zombie" just horrifically scarred)

Hands: Fingerless Gloves

Weapon: Tommy Gun

Stance: Two handed wielding

Story: He was just a Power Plant worker, The Power Plant housed anti AAHW members, but one day the AAHW found out and raided the Plant, they rigged it to blow and almost everyone died but Zennen found a secret bunker and hid in it but the bunker was poorly made so it didn't protect him too much so he was scarred badly and the radiation caused his skin to turn green and his wounds never healed, ever since he escaped he wanted revenge on the AAHW and became a Bounty Hunter taking bounties on AAHW leaders.

(I'm not the best at creative writing so pls give me feedback (: )

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, and to be honest I'm kinda surprised that you wanted even more options in the game, since I put around 100 options in each part.
Hahah, the story isn't bad, it just lacked some informations like from where the radiation came from or what caused it.

Name: Ben
Age: ???
Appearance: Bandages on your head, cap, welding mask, brown body.
Weapons: Binary Sword.
Story: Your story is unknown. He is feared by many A.T.P soldiers for his agility and his strength. Nobody knows what's under the mask, but whoever saw it, did not go out alive to tell the story.
Objective: Kill the Auditor and kill all A.T.P soldiers or anyone who opposes him.

1999Elias responds:

"His story" actually.
Since there's nothing much about him, I can't rate him.
But as always, thanks for playing and rating the game.

Name: Vento Cole

Appearance: scruff light brown hair, square glasses, Stanford's (or Sanford) mouth, orange bandanna, white shoes, blue body (or blue long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans?), and holster with third weapon (i think extended mags auto glock).

weapon: Iron knife, pistol 13, and automatic glock extended mags

History: He first joined the anti-AAHW when most of his relatives, including his friends died, and his brother (Horyu, son of Jagi and third heir of Hokuto Shinken) imprisoned. When it was his first field mission, he vowed to kill those who were with the AAHW to get his brother back, and move out of this god-forsaken wasteland called Nevada.

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1999Elias responds:

Well written history, nice character too.
Thanks for playing and rating :)

[ Auditor Subjects ]

[ Subject #1 ]

[ Name: Jon ]
[ Codename: Z.o.m.b.a.X ]
[ Species: Zombie Agent ]
[ Gender: Male ]
[ Secondary Weapon: Dragon Sword ]
[ Clothing & Vest: Agent Suit / Shoulder Belt ]
[ Hat & Glasses & Mask: Blue-blockers / Desperado / Hank Faceplate ]
[ Gloves: Hank's Ninja Gloves ]

[ Subject #2 ]

[ Name: Zoey ]
[ Codename: D.E.V.I.L ]
[ Species: Human ]
[ Gender: Female ]
[ Secondary Weapon: Binary Sword ]
[ Clothing & Belt: Bandaged Chest / Deimos Ammo Belt ]
[ Hat & Glasses: ( Cant Specify... ) / Auditor Halo ]
[ Gloves: Hank's Ninja Gloves ]

[ Story ]

[ Somewere In NEVADA ]
[ The Auditor Was Running Out Of Agents, Power.. ]
[ He'd Decided To Create His Own Minions! ]
[ He Used Half Of The Dead Agents And Zombies. ]
[ He Then Left Jon In A Chamber To Let Him Mutate. ]

[ After, He'd Used Half Of An Agent MK0 And A Female Grunt ]
[ And Half Of His Halo. ]
[ But He Didnt Realise, Zoey And Jon. ]
[ Were Going To Betray Him, And Work Toghether With Hank & Sanford; Deimos. ]

( I Wish I Could Show The Links, )
( But I Aint No Rule-Breaker. )
( See yooooou latttteeeeers. )

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1999Elias responds:

Hahah, thanks for not breaking the rules.
Nice characters and story, but I don't think that there's any female character in the A.A.H.W. (the Auditor's agency).
Thanks for playing and rating :)

(The link above is the image to the guy I made, since I don't actually know the names of half of the stuff in this game that is used on my guy)
[A.A.H.W Subject Codename: H3LLF1RE]
HellFire is a Golem gone wrong, but can still dish out as much pain as a normal Golem, not really a Golem gone wrong, just smaller, the size of your average grunt, HellFire has proven to be quite an elite soldier and has the potential to beat Hank, we just don't have enough field data to predict if he would win in a fight with Hank during a 1 on 1 battle, if HellFire is enraged do not engage, may start firing LMG in any direction, including at other employees.

[Held Weapon: LMG of some sort]
[Secondary Weapon: Sledgehammer]
[Helmet: Blast Helmet]
[Mask: Cannot specify]
[Armor: GO3LM MK2 Armor]
[End of data.]

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1999Elias responds:

I'm sorry to say this, but since you should have read the 'Author Comments'. It's against the rules of the site to post links on comments, and I've been warned about that before, that's why I wrote that warning.
Thanks for your review anyways.

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Sep 23, 2013
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