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Judging is Crazy

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Not my best animation but has a message I've learned over the years in my life and thought I'd upload this to NG on my birthday :)

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Great message, and funny! However, I can't help but judge that bartender.

That was an awesome animation and very true, we judge others as well as ourselves instead of living freely, doing the things we want.And that was an excellent ending.

Now that held quite the truth about life.
The animation's still pretty good.
Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

jackbliss responds:

Hey sorry for the late reply. Yes it is the truth. Sooner we learn the better we can make our most important life decisions. Thanks as always!! You've been a great reviewer of my works and hope you continue to do so :)

Yup. what Azenrum just said.

Nive animation though. :>

jackbliss responds:

Thank you so much. I personally didn't like the animation too much as it was rushed but glad you liked it for what it was :)

Ah, what a sad ending somehow. It's a spoken truth though; we really are a judgemental race. I judged this flash even before it started, that it didn't have a custom preloader; that you chose to display ads; the fadish bar scene. In a way though, judging is a leftover survival instinct. In the wild, we had to judge if people were friends or foes, if animals were edible, if places were safe, the real problem is that we've become judgemental about the wrong things. Our judgements aren't helping us now, but making things harder. Thanks for an inspiring video!


jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the detailed review and your honest opinions. As the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover. You have to atleast read it :)