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Super Aggro Space Turtles

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Villains and trouble makers stand no chance against the Super Aggressive Space Turtles! When an ornery citizen decides to break the law for his convenience, he receives reptilian justice!

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you have the right idea. you really do. you use an egoraptor style of jump/bounce on character motions, and it works fine. the thing that i saw you were missing was a visual direction.

you reeeeeally need to know how to show a joke to the audience without telling them through other means. the angles, the edits, the jarring color schemes and close-ups all problems when shoveling a joke's payoff onto the audience,

try to come up with a way to show the joke happenning in a way that isn't flat and disinteresting.

other than that, i liked it. good job.


Woo, much better than the TMNT! :D At least, better than their last game. Haha, this is just genius... short and... brutally sweet. Keep it going!


LOL that was funny and fake. I like it. 4.5 stars

Trippin turtles man turts on crack

Really funny animation, I thought it was going to be Mutant turtles but this was much funnier. But was that Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as a Turtle? I just rewatched the series, the only anime that made me cry.