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Bale's bags of Euros

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Gareth Bale is the most expensive soccer player on the planet so what is he to do with all those bags of Euros. Play keepy uppy and deposit them into the ATM/cash machine.

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Hehe, fun idea for a game, even though it's a bit hard to aim. I guess that's the purpose though, shouldn't be too easy to reach a high score. As for currency, anything other than Euro's would've been great, I don't have much faith in their future value. :P Keep it going!


ha,, ha, ha. Go Bale. He did score in his first game maybe all those euros won't go to waste.

I have to say it made me laugh. So that where all of our money went.

recession, recession. Game is good though, not easy to master, so it makes you play it over and over again. It was pretty addictng for me.

The game was ok. More time to try and get the Euros in would be ok. controls are ok but not the best when it comes to control of the Euros.

Im the First ?!? Lol :3 Whatever seems to be a nice little minigame i like this Stickfigure based games but i couldnt play this game long so only 3 and a half stars but better then nothing <(-_-)>