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Crumbs: Case #2

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Andy (a can of Pizz) is attacked on a abseiling excursion and the C.R.U.M.B.S team are brought in to clean up the mess.

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really made a good video

Andy (a can of Pizz) xD
i <3 that show
thxn a lot 4 uploadin

Crumbs, hmm, not too crumby! And it seems this a series too, I'll be looking forward to future episodes! One odd aspect of this is that the crumbs aren't actually harmed by the fizz. I mean, shouldn't they get soggy and die... or something? Also wondering how you made that effect at the end, After Effects? Nice work!


Yes! Another CRUMB-fest on the run. Loved the drowned out helicopter intro.

"Andy mustn't find out."
"I can actually hear your through the megaphone. Should I be worried?"
"Mind your beeswax son!"

Nothing like putting someone at ease in a tense moment of finding out something you shouldn't find out by telling them to mind their own. Hilarious!

Now walking on the other side of the street, is it me or was this episode a little light on the puns?


pretty damn good