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Purpose of Power

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Mage was exiled from his homeland for being to different from others. But then great cataclysm happened and he appeared to be only one who can withstand it, and people come to him begging for help.
Play through levels, defending your tower from natural and supernatural foes, try to save as much lives as you can.

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The game has original gameplay with different defence mechanics. Not only meteors but all. May be it need some polish for casuality but I like it.

In Russia, meteor talks you!!

Can someone rub my nipples?

1. Not much reason to why you are doing anything.
2. Grammar suffers dearly in every aspect of the game.


While this game has some intriguing elements (no pun intended), it lacks depth and true replayablity.
There is no pressing concern, on the part of the player, to which causes them to invest in the storyline.
Speaking of storyline; it's scant, to say the least.
There isn't much here for a player to be interested in. the gameplay is lackluster, the graphics are sub par, and overall it's not a terribly enjoyable experience.
I do give it 2 stars for some of it's more imaginary aspects - i.e. using elements to drive of "foes", but even 2 stars is on the higher end of scores.
I see nothing salvageable about this game and suggest the developer move onto something more fruitful and worth their - and the players - time.

Credits & Info

1.83 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2013
2:43 PM EDT

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