Rogue Wanderer

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A small Asteroids type of game, where you control your tiny ship and blast away the enemies and what-not, as long as your mortal reflexes and decision making let you.

Oh, almost forgot, the music is done by www.nosoapradio.us/



I like the style of the game, it's an interesting way to graphically design.
However, this game is full of faults; The movement is murky, the "enemies" blend in with the background - i.e. poor choice of color scheme, and generally it feels like a retread of something that has been done.
The last point, i believe, is the strongest argument against this game being worthwhile to the player. Here we have, fundamentally, "asteroids". This is one of the very first video games ever developed. So, taking into account a near 40 year history, how can this developer reconcile this game with the very history of what it is patterned after?
No improvements have been made - if anything, it plays worse than the original. So, the developer is offering us nothing new, nothing interesting, no development, and an overall poor copy of a game that is older than most of the people playing games on this site.
I call this an utter waste of time for all involved.
the .5 I did give it comes from the interesting use of color and pixels in the design; the game's only redeeming quality.

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Nice little time killer, even if you need some time to learn how to use the controls right.

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2.39 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2013
6:09 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional