>>>Crono VS Magus<<<

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This is my first flash movie.. If you can not read fast.. then you need to catch up :D.

Im sorry if it is not that great, but you can defenitely tell that it is made by some retard.



Was okey. Lot's of rrom fer improvment, but it looks like you know what yer doin fer the most part.


I kept in mind that this is your first flash movie, but seriously.
People who spend most of there time critequing these movies will give this a definate Zero. I gave it a Zero, but only because it was made purely of sprites.. And very stupid lines, you can do better, I know you can, and good luck in the future when you do make more.

god i hate chrono

can someone stop making those idiot movies? those are even too lame for a sprite movie

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i liked it! and im sure you know its realy short.and its better then what i coukd do. because i cant make flashes! but heck im listening to MK's theme song as i write this!

Pretty Good

Well since this is your first flash it was pretty good. I liked how you did the dialoge and animation, but you as the previous person said need to work on the timing. Maybe 2 more fighting sequences not just one.
Good Effort and well orca-strated first flash movie.

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2.62 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2002
4:21 PM EDT
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