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Crumbs: Case #1

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After a series of grizzly banana skinnings, Magnum Bap and his team investigate who could be committing such heinous acts.

Watch episode 2 here ---> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/625324

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It's like Dangeresque, but starring a Conan O'Brian's hideous twin instead of Strong Bad. I'm surprised DoctorStrongbad on the next page didn't point out the similarity to Dangeresque. Damn but I knew he was going to say "appealing" at the beginning, what a predictable pun that was. The only other possibilities were that he would say that the perpetrator was a slippery one or had split or wasn't monkeying around but those wouldn't have fit in after the pause. But generally it was kind of funny. In small doses. I'm not going to binge on watching cases 2-9 right now, I'm not hooked. But it was quite professional looking animation.