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GPS Trailer

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Basically the first time even messing with 3D stuff and I was curious to what it would look like.

Please be kind......rewind

Directed by Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan

See what overly dramatic music and fade in cuts can do for you!

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not bad. Not amazing. It's cool seeing someone working with 3D but in all honesty anime looks better with the 2D aspect. In my opinion anyway.

Other than that I read that it's your first time with it, and for a first time this is really good.
I feel like you will bang out some really good animations in the future.
Get better voice actors though...

Whoa, you've stepped it up a couple notches! Looking forward to your work this Winter. What programs? How much more than 2D does it take, time-wise? Any difference in constructing stuff?

Kel-chan responds:

Work flow is different. It takes a lot longer to make a 3d character than it does to actually animate. But once all the characters are made it will be much quicker to create a finished animation. It's just a test run really

Hum, i like it. looks very ambitious. I have no idea how hard it is but it would be great it their hair moved a little, especially when she is flying on her weed whacker.

Kel-chan responds:

i have to learn how to do that without the model taking a crap

some characters has decent look others where not that much good for a the trailer!

Pretty good animation, though the music kinda made some of the dialog difficult to understand. The ending was very reminiscent of Haruko from Furi Kuri.