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Death's Embrace Escape 3

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You woke up in an abounded house-laboratory. All windows and doors are closed. You need to get out from this death embrace as soon as you can!


this game series has got to be the most ill thought out, poorly planned excuse for a series i have ever played. you are given no indication of who you are, you're reason for being in said place is rendered moot as you blindly search for objects and in this game, the beast isn't even threatening. no chase sequence, no jump scares, nothing. on a positive note, the graphics are good.

On those grate I would use metal rod wrapped in wet towel, but ok! I have a 2 questions,
1-st/ Who (accepted me :D LOL), collect 10 CD's?
2-cond/ And for what reason in the game monster is, when we didn't run from him?
4 stars for great idea for a game from ME.

It was to easy. The music wasnt creepy but i liked it, it had a calming effect (kinda like a safe room from resident evil) some sound effects would be nice. What was the purpose of that creature? granted that was a little creepy but it didn't growl or anything it just stood there. Try to add some jump scares and puzzzles.

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Not to be critical or anything.... but if I can beat this without using the walkthrough, it probably needs a little bit more "spit'n'polish."

I felt like the chainsaw made no sense. Why not just have the crowbar be used twice, instead of chainsawing through metal?

And for the music track, make it creepy. Take a power drill, attach it to a piece of chalkboard, and record the noise of running various sharp objects over it while it runs and toss a few echoing, strained violin notes over it, or something. Hell, rattle some chains too.

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If you don't find the crowbar, you're screwed. DO NOT FORGET THE CROWBAR. Got me stuck 10 minutes or so trying to figure out how to open that grate. Well hidden, I might add. It's somewhere before you go down through the meat cellar thing. Besides that, I would have beaten this game easily. Needs to be harder... and maybe longer. I also like your logic!


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3.23 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2013
1:00 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 2nd Place September 12, 2013