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Watch Trailer here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzSPG9qsXqc


Click to move (don't hold too much)

Moving uses up your tentacles, allowing you no more than 10 seconds of interaction

Eat plankton in order to regen

Be careful, ennemies destroy your tentacles too, try to stay alive


We are two french students, it's our first Ludum Dare and it was a great experience !
We hope you'll have some fun with the game !

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2 things: 1:Eee.. why is this for ludum dare 27th and 2:Why no hold too much

Lovely, very relaxing game. Atmospheric and appropriate music (did you write it yourself?). Not exactly an all-action game, knowing when to conserve is just as important as knowing when to burn energy!

ThomasSand responds:

Thank you for this review, this is why we make games, fantastic if you had a great feeling with it !

I was skeptical about playing this game, but I had fun playing it.The only problem I had was the red fish following me around and their speed. I would manage to get to one side of the screen and as soon as I showed up on the other side, the red fish would turn and come right for me.

ThomasSand responds:

Thank you for this review, it was really our goal to try to make the game difficult, but it has to stay fun, we're going to make more playtest and try with a lower speed.
The red fishes aren't going faster than you, you can really play with them by getting to one side the screen and then coming back, they won't touch you.
The difficulty is really about how you move in this game, you have to optimize every movements, and staying at the same point when it's safe is a really good technique to go deeper.

The highscore is about 1743 ! It demands a little bit of practising, but this is the kind of game we wanted to create.

I think it is very well made, especially for two people and especially for your first game. I personally prefer games with a certain amount of levels, or achievments, or a storyline. Just something to work towards that you could finish. Otherwise, it's like a toy that people check out, say is nice, and then leave. If this took it's amazing visuals and added levels, achievments, or a story, any one of those, it would probably be played and talked about. This is nice.

My other issue is that the red fish, upon appearing, kill me very quickly, especially when they move faster than I do.

This was a very nice experience overall.

ThomasSand responds:

Thank you for this review, well I have the same tastes as yours, I really prefer a game with a story and everything. The reason we went for an upgoing difficulty was the time we had for creating it (72 h).
It's a kind of game where the score is in the center, it's not a toy it's more like a tetris in my mind.
About the red fshes, you can really easily avoid them by going over the edge of the screen, it will takes a long time for them to catch you this way.

Again I'm really glad from your feedback, really happy if you enjoyed the game even if it's not your style.

Going over the edge of the screen is very awkward.

ThomasSand responds:

Well, we tried to simulate an impression of freedom in a single screen, if your character hurt imaginary walls it would be strange.., this feature is also used as a technique to avoid ennemies.

Thank you for playing !

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4.00 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2013
11:55 AM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place September 12, 2013