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Color Works is an engineering puzzle game. You have to create a machine that will not only manufacture the required colors but also transport them to the required container. Creating the machine isn't the hardest part though. You also need to work within


This is an interesting concept and the difficulty is balanced. Anyway, I see many improvements to this game.

First, the graphics. They're too basic and I don't like it at all, especially the blobs and the color merger. You could also improve animations, such as the bounce. It's rather confusing.

Then comes the gameplay. Keyboard shortuts are OK but it could be handful to have also the arrow keys to change directions.

At first I didn't see the purpose of the three colored buttons. I thought I had something to do like coloring conveyers or something. Some description could help.

Also, how many color blobs does it require to beat the level? I have no idea. I guess each collector have a counter. You should display that counter, either in the form of digits, or a progress bar or whatever. Also a step counter.

Finally I'd like to say that I often felt in need of more room. But I suppose it's part of the difficulty. Is it? For example, I can't hope to find the beginning of a solution to the "Congregation" level.

The level editor is a great plus! I look forward for additional levels. Or maybe a sequel. Anyway, keep on working!

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wxcvbn999 responds:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it :) The graphics are indeed lacking, but I'm an awful artist, so I'm glad I was at least able to mock all this together.
It didn't occur to me to also add arrowkey shortcuts for the conveyers, that's now definately on my to do list if I would make a sequel! IIRC it's 20 blobs/conveyer, but a counter is indeed a very good idea.
And yes, the small space you have is a very big part of the difficulty. It might be a bit too hard, but I prefer it being too hard than being too easy :)
If I can come up with a new proper set of levels and a couple of new tiles, I might very well make a sequel, given I can find the time to do so. I'd really love to also do an online database of levels, so users can submit their own levels, load the levels of other users, or maybe even string their levels into a custom campaign, so people can play that.

not bad

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3.24 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2013
10:01 AM EDT
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