Hardcore Pawn

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Kill 50 Enemies


Kill 100 enemies


Kill 200 enemies

BAD ENDING 50 Points

Win the game without kill all Bosses


Win the game With kill all Bosses

KEY MASTER 50 Points

Get all "Keys"


Kill 300 enemies

THE HERO 50 Points

Saved all "Black Pawns"

GREEDY PAWN 100 Points

Collected all "Coins"


Win the game without continue or game over

Author Comments

War between black and white kingdom to conquer the Celtic World. The young pawn with the black skin and hard as a core has been rise from deepest slumber to revenge his fallen comrade against the White.


Main Objectives:
- Explore the castle
- Get the "key"
- Unlock the "door"
- Save the allies
- Defeat all BOSS!

'A & D buttons' - Movements
'W button' - Jump
'W button'to the wall and 'W button' again - Diagonal Jump
Tap 'W button' twice when near ceiling - Magnetism (Cannon Mode)
Hold 'S button' - Defense

Hold 'SPACE button' until charged full - Ultimate Attack
'SPACE button or Left Click Mouse' in the ground - Melee Attack
'Direction of Mouse' when on the ceiling (Cannon Mode) - Targeting
'SPACE button or Left Click Mouse' on the ceiling - Shot Cannon Ball (Cannon Mode)

Hold 'TAB' - Magic Eyes (to view map)
Hold 'SHIFT + ASWD buttons or Direction of Mouse' - Magic Eyes (to look around)
'P button' - Open Stats / Paused

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Messed up a lot of things, the level design is labyrintic and there are no visual clues to indicate your whereabouts! Seriously, a map would have been nice.
The traps are everywhere, and generally awfull placed. I fall down to a place expecting to be safe only to land on spikes.
Your attack is puny.
All this black and white is putting me to sleep, I know it´s chess but c´mon, variety is always welcome.
The guys with the cannons attack by surprise, there´s no way you will know where they are until you are hit by one.
The game takes way too much time to beat than it should because half the time I´m walking around, all stupid looking for a key. Once again, where is a map when I need it?
The rook´s battle was just lazy.
Quitting the game simply kills me and asks I want to retry. That´s just
Navigation can get frustrating.

In short, the game sucks, which is a shame for I was really hoping for a good chess game with a badass action setting... Guess I´ll have to stick with Rooks Keep...

The attacking was terrible i had to be almost on top of them before it would work and that meant that they killed me well before i even came close to killing them.Completely ruined the game for me :(

Very good game.
In my opinion it needs more checkpoints. Per example if you rescue a black pawn.

One step forward, two steps back. That's how I felt when I played this game.

It looked good when I first started playing the game, then glaring glitches, bad design decisions, and monotonousness level layouts, killed it for me.

First, the basic attack move has a ridiculously short attack range to it, while the basic enemy rook, which is about the same size and shape, has a much longer one. This often leads the player getting hurt whenever he tries to use that basic attack. This often leads the player to try and use other cumbersome moves to avoid using that basic attack. I mean, did no one notice this when they were play testing the game, and think "maybe we should extend the range a bit for this attack"?

The dash attack is cumbersome. It goes way to far, and often leads you into spike pits. And for some reason, it does not always hit the enemy, for whatever reasons.

The level design are often uninteresting, and confusing. There is often no warning when you find yourself in a boss battle. Other minor gripes, the white tile platforms often blend in with the white background, and the pop up spikes should be ground sensitive, not pop up when you're about to land on them and hope you can avoid being hit as you try to get out of their reach.

The health/MP pickups should be easily obtained, not a challenge to get. Once you touch them it takes a long for them to reach you as they fly all around you for a few seconds. Being able to outrun them, as you try to avoid other damage, is stupid. This is gimmicky and you don't really need it. Just keep it simple.

I really wanted to enjoy the game, because it had a simple, but interesting premise, but to many problems with the game made it hard to enjoy.

The bones of a cool game are there, but I have to agree with another reviewer that that game's controls leave a lot to be desired. A lot.

Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2013
11:40 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place September 5, 2013