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In Trousers you play as the simplistic yellow dude, P. Collecting a variety of clothing you avoid traps and jump on platforms making use of a variety of different abilities.

Made for One Game a Month Jam : August 2013

<- & -> - move left and right
X - Item ability
Space - Jump (When powered up)

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Very good game! I quite enjoyed it! I made a playthrough of it. Here's the link, if you are interested <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHcEaxN-zak>

I didn't really experience any problems. My brother and I treated it like a rage game. Keep making games, friend!

It was okay. A little too short for my tastes though. I could picture this being an adventure game with this setting, where you can explore a world and collect clothes for new abilities. I kind of wished there was more than just three sets of clothes though. Still, a very good game for your first game here. Keep it up!

how is it this game keeps unmuting my computer's mute every half a minute or so? >_>
This seems like it would be a good game if it didn't lag so much for me personally (not the game's fault), I kept flying over edges when I shouldn't've. I like the idea that different clothes give you different abilities, but as was said before, it would improve with some kind of score system, instead of the win- or- die system you seem to have in place now. Good work so far though, better than a lot of what i've seen on here as first tries, so keep it up!! :)

LearnPlayDesign responds:

Wow that really sucks that it lagged, could you be more specific about it? What kinda lag, skipping frames? Yeah the sound is weird it keeps doing strange things on peoples pcs. I'm gonna have to put a in game mute.

A well done extensive platformer with with variety.

When you have proceeded to worlds beyond world 1, you can go back to world 1, but you can't go to world 2 or 3. You have to make the game remember the progress of the player so you can go to the later worlds again as well.

You did not specify controls properly. The natural position for pause is at P so the placement is good enough, but you did not write it. It is important when you have functions such as retry and level select under there.

You need a mute button. The music is fitting, but listening to it for long periods of time can get bothersome. The sound effects are sparse. A very subtle running sound when holding X with jeans and a floating sound with a kilt, would be nice.

The game gets harder fast. You will get both hate and love for that with other gamers. I like it.

Giving people medals like bronze, silver and gold instead of denying them progress at all if they don't meet your time would probably be wise. People love achievements. If you make some achievements in conjunction with medals people will play your game a lot, even more than they would've otherwise.

An actual main menu is appealing even if it isn't necessary for the game.

Good job.