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Prico's Adventure: Part 1

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Hi and thanks for wanting to play my game :). This is the first game I have posted on newgrounds :D. Isn't really the best I could have done :/ but...

Before you stop reading the description I want to say that THIS GAME IS TOUCH-FRIENDLY. There are still some minor bugs with touch though like Prico sometimes jumping a bit higher than he should when tapping jump but this rarely happens and isn't such a big deal anyway.

This Part 1 of "Prico's Adventure." I'll be splitting this game into 3 parts. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).
You may wonder why I decided to split the game in 3. It's because this game isn't really that big of a project and it's actually a remake of a java game i made a while back.

I want to start making new games and I have used way to much time on this game than i needed too.
So if you think this game isn't as high quality as you would have liked it to be then that's probably why.


If you find the game unrealistic at times like turret bullets sometimes passing through platforms then just imagine that this is a 3D game seen from an angle ;). In all seriousness though sometimes in this game i just made it so that the bullets go through blocks. partly because i found the game more fun that way and partly because i didn't want to change a bunch of stuff only to make the game more realistic

The game is about a 7 year old hedgehog named Prico who goes out on an adventure and gets caught up in alot of stuff.

All music in this game except from the credits and main menu were made by Aztech. Really guys you need to check him out he got some awesome tracks :D. The main menu music and the credits music was made by Mc-Jimmy :D. You should check him out too.

Character, enemy and turret sprites were made by Grigoreen. He also made the grass tiles. Be sure to check him out :D.

Many of the tile textures in the game was provided by ThadiusKayne. If you are interested in minecraft go check out his texture pack:

A few of the tile textures like the Ice,snow and snow ground was provided by Timeken. Again if you are interested in minecraft go check out his texture pack:

This game was a bit inspired by "A Game With A Kitty" by Origamihero08. It's not on newgrounds but you should try it if you haven't tried it yet :). Probably one of the best free indie platformers out there.

If you read all the way to here, thx :D.
Again if you find any bugs report it asap and I'll fix it asap :D
Hope you enjoy the game :)

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A pretty good platformed though for some reason, the music isn't playing for me (it may just be my computer). I think I may have found a bug: on the last ice boss, I was able to just go to the exit and leave without killing the boss. was that suppose to happen? Anyways, I hope to see a sequel. I'd suggest adding more enemies and more elaborate bosses and ways of defeating them. Let me know if you need any help with writing, level design, voice acting, and/or testing.

this game is a bit like Flappy bird its gameplay is hard but you just want to keep on playing overall this is a great game also its nice you used emoticons :D

Great simple platformer mechanic, the game engine shows a lot of potential! The music was wonderful, did you make it? I loved the sprites as well. Nice job.

EctiBot responds:

Thx for the feedback :). No the music was made by Aztech. http://aztech.newgrounds.com/. Should check him out :D.

this game deserves to die

EctiBot responds:

Thx for the review. Would like to know why it deserves to die though but oh well.

It's judgement time!
Gameplay: [7/10]-[Controls were good (At least)]
Sound/Music: [0/10]-[No music]
Graphics: [5/10]-[It looked like every sprite was made by a different person]
Fun: [9/10]-[I have to admit I had fun]
Originality: [1/10][Not original, another normal platformer]
Overall Rating: [4/10]-[Not good, not horrible, just bad]

EctiBot responds:

what you mean there's no music?