Underwater Adventures

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Official Website: http://underwateradventuresgame.com

Underwater Adventures – Try The Most Challenging Adventure Ever!

Are you an adventurer and a strategic thinker? Now it’s time for you to find out by playing the brand new Underwater Adventures game. Enjoy an underwater world filled with strange creatures, mystery, excitement, and fun, with a game that puts your navigational skills to the test.

Be prepared to dive to the bottom of the ocean to find treasures in various locations. Be careful, though, because there’s a catch: you’ll have to face many underwater creatures and be always conscious of every move you make. Search for the hidden treasure while avoiding sharks, crabs, jellyfish, and even strange electrical shock creatures, while using whirlpools to take you to new, undiscovered locations. One wrong turn and you’ll be at the bottom of the ocean!

What Makes Underwater Adventures a Unique Game?

LEVELS. The game has 25+ levels and bonus content. You can use this bonus content if you find the 25 hidden oil barrels! Unlock a new submarine after finding all hidden treasure.

CHALLENGING UNDERWATER OPPONENTS. Underwater Adventures keeps you guessing all the time, so you never know when a shark, a crab or a strange shock creature will approach and attack you. Be careful!

ATMOSPHERE AND SENSE OF DANGER. The atmosphere is one of mystery and danger due to the low visibility in the dark waters. Add in spooky music and high quality visuals and you’ll feel like you’re literally fighting for your very survival at the bottom of the ocean.

CONTINUOUS CHALLENGE. The first few levels are easy to play to get situated with the game, but get ready for new challenges as you unlock new levels and get acquainted with new creatures. Soon, you’ll be addicted to this exciting game!

PERFECT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS. Strategic thinkers can come from any age group, and Underwater Adventures is a perfect fit for all!

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Designed and Developed by SybSoftware


this control is terrible for mouse. Like the graphics and sound.

sybsoftware responds:

Thank you for your feedback. The game is touch friendly. It was created for mobile and tablets. That's why it feels weird playing with the mouse. :)


sybsoftware responds:

We are sorry you feel this way. Can you please tell us why do you think is bad or what are the things you don't like? We’re looking to improve the experience and are always up for listening to your questions and feedback.

great game

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sybsoftware responds:

Thank you. :)

What a cool game! Love the underwater feel.

People find this review helpful!
sybsoftware responds:

Thanks. We're happy that you like it.

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Sep 3, 2013
4:33 AM EDT
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