Kirby:Shroob Invasion Ep1

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Hey well this is a new series I am working on.It's based on aliens from a game called Mario & Luigi Partners In time invading the peaceful world that Kirby lives in called Popstar. This episode is short but the future episodes shall be a lot longer.Please be fair and I hope you enjoy it :) Show your friends,there is one easter egg can you guess what it is :) also check out my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Minkto

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Very cool! I love creative ideas like this and the sprite animation is really nice and smooth. The writing could use some work, but i like it so far, good job!

Minkto responds:

I shall work on the writing :) thank you for the criticism and thanks for watching.I'am glad you enjoyed it! :)

Nice video, I really like how you got the music from super star ultra, and what will happen if Kirby sucks up a shroob, Shroob Kirby? Also, I hope you make more. Thanks for making the video!

Minkto responds:

Hehehe I will be working on the Shroob Kirby but your gonna have to wait and see how he looks like on the next episode :) don't worry I shall be making more and thank you for watching :)

I liked it, look forward to seeing it being continued and expanded apon making it better.

Keep up the good work.

Minkto responds:

Thanks man really appreciate the support and I shall make it better! :)

really well made
just the part were u animated and not used the pixeleted pics was not soo good
over that not bad

Minkto responds:

Ahhhh I understand,I just felt like drawing a Waddle Dee on flash :) lool but I will definitely stick more to pixel images. Thanks for watching and the criticism was really appreciated :)

That was pretty damn good. Thought it was going to be worst.
Animation wise, it was magnificent. Sounds were top notch too. Only things I had a problem with is the dialogue and mainly the backstory. It had WAAAAY too much unneeded information. It needs to be brief and more to the point. Heck, in actuality, there really shouldn't BE a backstory, Everything should be included in the characters dialogue.
So for example instead of saying that the shroom people were stopped by 2 brothers, mario and luigi in the backstory, it would be better if you only briefly mentioned them, as a reference. "Damn you, you're just as annoying as those 2 stupid plumbers!!"
So yeah, double check your spacing with the comma. That kinda bothered me.

Minkto responds:

Really thrilled you liked it so much :) and your criticism is very good.I shall definitely be more to the point with the characters dialogue and add some humor here and there.I think anyone seeing this episode will be clear enough as to what is happening.Also I will make sure the grammar is better in the next episode.
Again really appreciate it! :)

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4.08 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2013
6:32 PM EDT