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Russian Roulette For Two

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A two player Russian Roulette game featuring two game modes each playable with two players, or one player and a CPU.

Originally developed to be played on mobile phones. Unfortunately problems occurred, but you can play this game from your phone browser.

Once you have chosen your game mode, simply click the gun parts to operate the revolver by following these steps:
1. Eject the cylinder (a knob next to the cylinder)
2. Load bullets (click the bullets at the bottom left)
3. Spin and insert cylinder (click the cylinder once to spin and another time to insert)
4. Pull the hammer (by clicking on it)
5. Pull the trigger

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good game for school i guess

Amazing. Always wanted to play a mobile Russian Roulette game. You are a god. I’d love to see some updates, even though this is 7 years old!

AI is a little hard to play with, but it's still a pretty good game.

I well say my FEEDBACK don't get mad: the game actually fun just with a player but with AI simple its really easy and at the same time the round is fast and not fair when u reload the gun the first shoot well kill u They appear in abundance when u play AI and 2 players that really sucks in this game don't give the game his spirit if we well search a good Russian Roulette game we well-found steam edition from Russian Roulette game and he's really amazing I actually don't play it but the game is really great i watched from youtube no matter and my rating from this game is 3.5/10 thanks guys see ya later