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"A saccade is a fast movement of an eye, head or other part of an animal's body or of a device. It can also be a fast shift in frequency of an emitted signal or other quick change. Saccades are quick, simultaneous movements of both eyes in the same direction." -Wikipedia

Applying lessons from the study of time perception to game design, ☜Saccade☞ is a game that reaches beyond its digital cage to warp the very fabric of the reality that you occupy. Through use of temporal illusions such as the Kappa Effect and the Stopped Clock Illusion you will soon find that each increasingly-hectic 10-second level stretches on into infinity. However, it's all in your head, as ☜Saccade☞ has sent you into your own personal bullet-time Hell.

The purpose of ☜Saccade☞ is to induce subjective time dilation in the player. In this regard, the game plays you.

Don't fret, though. You can seek revenge on the program for its demonic reality obscuring abilities by running it through an overstressed CPU so that it becomes choppy and slow. Turnabout is fair play!

TIP: Shoot the red ones. Don't shoot the blue ones.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #27 - 10 Seconds

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same as presision

RaveRadbury responds:

I'm not familiar with that title.

Well to be honest, it's boring, and too repetitive.
I commend you for your effort though.

RaveRadbury responds:

A very true criticism of the piece. While creating it I was concerned mainly with trying to implement the mechanics to create the time distortion illusion for the player. As a result, the game is basically a simple object discrimination task for the purposes of dividing your attention between two columns and causing the player to make saccades as they try and manage the incoming ships. My commitment to the mechanics in combination with my 48 hour deadline resulted in a game that is very stripped down and simple, truly it has very little appeal beyond the illusion that it attempts to create.

Thank you for your feedback.

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3.33 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2013
6:36 AM EDT