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Crash Town

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Traffic in Crash Town is out of control! It´s up to you to save the day and bring everybody safe back home.

Drag and drop traffic signs to solve the problems at each puzzle. Prevent as many crashes and jams as you can to get good scores and advance through the levels.

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Good game but i realised most of these problems could be solved with roundabouts.

Until level 13 I did not need more than 2 tries (just now I played level 14, with 3 tries). The game is reallistic? No, it is a game! The author must let people know it is just a... GAME. Well, and it is not like British traffic? Hmmm, yeah, I believe it is not, but - for example - I do not live in Europe. I live in South America. Sadly it is very reallistic here, but it is not the point now.

About the game:
I think any puzzle game is a bit repetitive, but it is not so addictive like... I don't know, games with bubbles =D ...
But the graphic is good, I couldn't listen the sound because my computer have no speaker, the control is good, after you understand the game - the cars came always from the same point - you can use logic to think where the sign must go...
If you need a bit more control over random traffic, play Simutrans. If you need more realism through the city, play Sim City... If you do not enjoy the game realism, play the "real life".

I don't care if it's not like driving in your country. There are places where this game is extremely relevant, not to mention the fact that it's JUST A GAME, and a pretty entertaining one at that.

well, funny puzzle game, but really doesnt apply to european driving. i mean in germany, there are laws and rules which everyone follows and even when all trafficlights go out, driving slower will make sure that everyone is safe and knows when to drive and when not.

I don't know why all these reviewers are saying the driving is so unrealistic. It is VERY realistic in every non-British-colony country on earth! (except for the multi-car pile-ups) This game actually makes me nostalgic of driving my motorbike in Asia... Good times... Dangerous times...

Hilariously fun game.