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The cave of heroes

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Alexia Crow is a girl that accidentally falls in a mysterious cave, soon she will realize that she is not alone. a centaur called Quiron, the trainer of heroes like Achilles or Heracles is with her, cause she is in the cave of the heroes, a place where the most important heroes in history receives their training. Quiron will test Alexia by solving very original puzzles and picking up several objects.

The cave of heroes is a first person adventure game, with very great puzzles and a pick and use objects game mechanics. Also it has a 3d view exploration system. Astonishing graphics and art direction and a very solid story line.
Yay! Front paged!!! Many thanks tom!!
Thanks everyone for the good rates and reviews, that makes that i want to continue the game! :)
About the name of the centaur, these myth ancient names has many variations, Chiron is the most popular but not the only one, Quiron is a more latin way to say it, so its a valid name, just watch what appears when you search for quiron in google images

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Graphics is very great but the game is somewhat laggy sometimes. And I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, when I watch the walkthrough, I was supposed to put the fish on the witch pot to get a weird stone, but I didn't get one. Please fix that, otherwise a very interesting and elegant game :)

Gave up on the triton room, even when the pieces were arranged in the right shape it wouldn't clear the puzzle and it was too frustrating to keep tweaking them since moving them moves the camera too.

i like it!! not very easy but also not very hard

A great game !
Puzzles are delicious to resolve !!
I like it and I want to play to the others !! Thanks for this game :)

good game had a great story line and puzzles a tiny bit delay when u pick up a object but i notice there's a second one so i will check that one out.