PW: Fail Attorney

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Just an animation test of some GIF's I compiled from Court-records .net (Great Phoenix Wright site btw) really. It's my little contribution to the "Phoenix Wrong" Meme started by AshfordPride a few years ago. PS: There's a hidden reference to the Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney game in the video, bonus points if you can guess it! Also, like and/or fave if you get the reference. Expect some actual videos (as in fan content featuring a story/plot closely resembling the game content) fairly soon. However, I'm not the best animator out there and I won't pretend to be, so don't expect stellar stuff from me.


For something tagged as comedy parody. Its not really a parody but more of a skit show, Also there was not really any comedy unless seeing other people's voice clips on phoenix wright characters is consider funny.

The animation was reused a lot of the time. Also seeing how you're using phoenix wright's game animations we should expect that.
However I understand that you're not the most experienced animator so I will give you credit for that as well.
Also it says in you comments about this movie say that we should expect some actual videos that will have a similar plot/etc to the game.
If you are going to do this please note do not use text unless there is a pause button. People have a hard time reading while an animation is going and if the animation is not moving they might think the video is broken. (Note if you are going to make a phoenix wright film do not make it replay over and over again instead add a replay button.)

Also just a question. Around when will we see this other film of yours anyway? I look forward to seeing it.

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Aug 27, 2013
2:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody