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You are about to decide the fate of 6 people from the town of Cedarville.

You will be shown 6 scenarios of which you will have no prior understanding. It is your job to pick one of TWO possible solutions. Both solutions will have DIRE consequences on the life of the individual in question.

If you do not reach a decision in ten seconds, a random decision will be made for you (unless otherwise specified).

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Welp, I tried and failed to get any possible good ending for anyone. Shows what kind of person I am XD Thank you for the simplistic yet dark and drawing game. It makes you think about other people and their prospectives and also says to watch out for others. A message we should all learn.

I would love to see a more complex version of this. It was really interesting to see split decisions unfold like that.

Finnegan2100 responds:

Oh, it's coming... Check #CedarvilleGame on twitter for details :)

WOW This Game was amazing it has it's perks where a normal person may choose the complicated than the simple and it has great depth in truth or lies reality

Finnegan2100 responds:

Thanks a lot! If you enjoyed this, you'll be pleased to know that I'm making a MUUUUUCH bigger + more complicated version which should be out in Nov 2014. :)

So simple, yet so fascinating. Huge replay value as well. Apparently while you only have two choices, the outcomes change even if you choose the same choice. I feel like players would benefit from knowing that when reading the description, rather than thinking you can choose 6 options once, 6 opposite options the second time and think you've discovered all there is, when in fact there's so much more. It'd be great if you made more like this. :)

oooo that was fun and engaging! do you have any more? However, it is my earnest opinion that you lose the time limit; unless you can prove otherwise, I found it contributed nothing, and as a person with many disabilities involving time delays in the brain, I will say that the time limit was rather nervewracking. ;) nice job! thought provoking.

Finnegan2100 responds:

Thanks radeshtka! I added the ten seconds because it was for a 48-hour game competition with the theme of "Ten Seconds". So glad you liked it! You might my games "Versicolor" and "Bait Master Sean" as well. Not as much text, but kinda dark like this one :)