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An entry for the Ludum Dare 27 based on the theme of "10 seconds."

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This is short, okay game I played a long time ago. :p

Really strange...

Well it's different

Well I have to say is that this game was different for sure it even had some different kind of music then most like this then again this was not like most so in that sense it was kind of different and that is what kept my interests going so there is a fun factor behind this with the style and unique game type and of course unique music only thing I would change would be giving it more interactivity maybe even a bonus mini game

Adding more use interactivity and maybe even a bonus level like a mini game would be a plus


This is the most abstract game I have yet encountered. I must give some stars for the incredible level of abstraction reached here, but I cannot give too much stars because it was not that enjoyable, probably because it was too abstract. I only started to vaguely understand what it is about at the walrus scene or so.

Uh, I feel bad for not enjoying this. I didn't really understand it. It's hard to do a lot in ten seconds. I guess you just had to get the right combination. I mean, it didn't say "Game Over". It was more casual about it.

The music wasn't bad. It was certainly something different. The score is quite high. I'm just not into games like this. At least it's not stupid or anything.

I love the art. the concept is fascinating too. but then I have a thing for asylums...