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The Overseer: Endearment

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*For your own interests, PLEASE watch the 3 previous episodes before watching this video. Otherwise the point of this 11-minute video will be nullified*

Loyalty. Omniscience. Valiance. Endearment.
These reasons are why the man began his solemn trek.
Through the fire and the snow, what he has pursued lies in wait.
Who is the man? What has he done? Why has he done all of this? Is the man really good? And are his enemies really evil?
What is most important to him?
Discover the Overseer.
The final episode of the Overseer flash series.
Animated with Anime Studio 9
Edited with AVS Video/Audio Editor
Music by Austin Wintory from the video game "Journey".
I claim no ownership of the music used herein.


I really liked this installment of the series! The unfolding of the events that happened in the past are presented in a way that keeps you hung, and wanting to see more and understand what really happened. The twist ending was really sad, too.

I don't have anything to say that other people haven't already said. The animation is fairly well done, the music choice is appropriate for this sort of story, and the little easter egg is neat, too. Well done!

aggimajera responds:

Whoa. To be frank I haven't received any sort of feedback from this video for over 2 years and it caught me off guard. Thank you very much.

A lots changed since I made this video and I would have done so many things differently if I could go back to it. I'm just glad that you liked the video despite the limited animation I was capable of. This was literally the very 1st set of videos I ever made and/or animated.

I appreciate the kind words!

perfect story, you must do anime or catoon series.

This was a beautifully told story.

I'm looking forward to your future projects, keep it up!

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2013
5:31 AM EDT